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Thread: IV number increase slowly when cracking WEP

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    Default IV number increase slowly when cracking WEP

    I use aireplay-ng to do packet injection and replay. It starts to replay packets when it receives the first ARP request. Then I use airodump-ng to capture the packets, I can see the packet number increase very fast, but the number of different IV increase very slow. It takes me about 1 hours to capture 10,000 IVs. Is this rate normal?

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    Default Re: IV number increase slowly when cracking WEP

    No that is really slow. Many normal working setups, mine included, run around 500 pps so you would get 50K in just a few minutes or maybe even less time.

    Assuming this is YOUR AP why not cheat and take the easy road to confirm your setup is working. For now until you see your hardware working properly, go ahead and connect an associated client (such as your laptop or similar) and communicate between the router (AP) and the laptop. This will create the packets/traffic aireplay can use to fire off and start pumping IV's at blazing speeds. We can discuss how to approach AP's without associated traffic later. For now do what I suggest to verify your setup works properly.

    If this works, and I bet it does, then you continue the learning curve from there.

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    Default Re: IV number increase slowly when cracking WEP

    Make sure you are capturing all packets. Do not only capture IV's because some of the cracking methods use the other data with IV's to crack. As for the IV's going up very slow. Try changing the rate at which you send the ARP. Maybe slow it down or speed up? Got to play with it to find a happy spot.

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    Default Re: IV number increase slowly when cracking WEP

    Read the aircrack-ng documentation. This is covered extensively.

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