Dual Boot BackTrack And Windows7

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NOTE: The following method of installation is the simplest available. We have made it in the assumption that you have a Windows installation that is taking up all the space on your disk drive and you would like to resize and repartition the disk drive in order to allow a BackTrack install alongside your Windows.


  • Let's run through the installer step by step:
  • We select our language, in this case English and then click the Forward button.

R3 hdd install01.PNG

  • Here we select out geographical location (The Region and Time Zone) and click Forward.

R3 hdd install02.PNG

  • Chose your keyboard layout. We are going to leave it the default which is USA and click Forward.

R3 hdd install03.PNG

  • Now it’s time to partition the Disk, for a quick and successful dual-boot install we will choose the Install them side by side, choosing between them each startup option and hit Forward..

R3 dual boot.png

  • WARNING: The installer might stop at certain percentages, leave it for a few minutes and it will resume.
  • Hit the Restart Now button, and enjoy Backtrack!

R3 hdd install05.PNG

  • When the computer will boot, you will be given a choice to boot Backtrack or Windows.
  • After the reboot, you can log in with the default username root and password toor. Do not forget to change this default root password by issuing the passwd command.
  • As you can see the splash screen disappeared after the reboot. In order to fix it just run fix-splash, and the splash screen will appear on the next boot.